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Pine Tar Organic Handmade Soap -Authentic- Creosote FREE


Authentic Pine Tar Organic Handmade Soap

Now, this is the “granddaddy of all soaps!

Saponified Organic oils of Shea Butter, Coconut oil, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Palm Oil (sustainable), and pure Creosote-Free Pine Tar along with Vitamin E and Orris Root, Rosemary Extract

Pine tar has been used for over 100 years for itchy, dry skin, psoriasis, eczema, scalp issues, and many claims to even relief from poison ivy using Pine Tar soap. It first begins with the burning of the sap that comes from pine trees. It is gooey and sticky and has a strong smell, but the sap is being used for its antiseptic qualities. Some people find relief from poison ivy using Pine Tar Soap. Iodine and sulfur are also found in Pine Tar and are very good for using on itches, infections, and rashes. Just one of the many reasons many people swear by it.

Lemon Verbena, Coconut, and a touch of Lavender have been added to smooth out the strong smell of Pine Tar. The dark color is from the Pine Tar but remember. There are all the other organic oils in this soap to keep your skin soft, smooth, and clean!

Note: Remember to take caution. Anyone can have adverse reactions to any element. Pine tar as well.


Large 7 oz. The bar will last approximately 8-10 weeks in the shower! Always avoid the entire eye area, lips, and nostrils.


"CJ, I followed your suggestions: 1) I shampooed with your Pine Tar soap for 2 weeks, then switched to the No More Eczema soap. 2) I stopped shampooing every day, now just 3 days/wk. Next week I go for 2 days/wk. 3) I brush my hair every day, about 40-50 strokes. I started this routine about 6 weeks after speaking with you and before my 6 month dermatology appointment.

At my appointment, I told my dermatologist that I was trying something new since the shampoos I had been using (especially the prescription one) were not giving me any relief from the itching, and in fact, it seemed worse. I explained that I met a lady (you) who makes her own soap which has helped other people with scalp problems. I told him that I only shampoo my hair with your Pine Tar soap, that I stopped shampooing every day, now just 3 times/wk, and that I have been brushing my hair daily. I told him that I had had some relief from the itching, but it still itches at night. That overall, there is less itching.

He examined my scalp, and he said that it was no longer inflamed and that my scalp actually looked healthy! He said that it is OK to keep doing what I am doing. I anticipate improvement as time goes on. Who knows, maybe the itching will completely disappear. Thank you so much for your products, and thank you for your help!"
~M. Burkholder

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