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Palm Leaf Plates Square 10" Inch (Set of 25/50/100)

Plates Count

Karmic Seed’s areca palm leaf square 10-inch plates are the perfect alternative to paper, plastic, and styrofoam tableware. They are made entirely by nature, from naturally fallen areca palm leaves. All we do is clean them up and bring them to you. Your guests will rave about them, and what’s not to love they are: 


This Eco-Dinnerware is produced by heat pressing palm leaves, and the process uses no chemicals or waxes. It is 100% natural, and no trees are cut in the entire process.

They are strong enough to use with a knife and fork without the risk of being punctured or leaked.

You can even use them for baking!


Care Instructions:


Our plates are designed for one-time use. However, they may be reused multiple times if they are taken care of.

-Simply wash them gently with a soapy brush and water. Do not immerse in water. Dry flat upside down. We also recommend storing them in a dry location and keep the package sealed until ready for use. After using, simply toss in the trash with food waste, your green recycling can, or home compost.


By using Karmic Seed natural dinnerware, you are actively supporting the sustainability movement.

Thank you for shopping responsibly. 

Return Policy

This item is non-returnable and non-exchangeable. If there are any damages or defects, feel free to reach out and will do our best to resolve the issue.