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Prismatic Vitae - 7 Piece Red Chromatic Metal Dice Set


Forged from the scales of a Rust Dragon, druids favor these dice for their ability to rend and destroy metal, which they share with Rusts. Making them is the bane of any metalsmith, who find that they go through at least a dozen sets of tools in their creation.

Our Prismatic Vitae - 7 Piece Red Chromatic Metal Dice Set Metal DND Dice Set features red/prism colors along with solid opacity, a solid pattern, and shimmering luminescence. Perfect for Dungeons and Dragons or any tabletop Role Playing Game. These dice do not discriminate.


Dice Attributes

  • COLOR: Red, Prism
  • MATERIAL: Metal
  • SIZE: Standard
  • OPACITY: Solid
  • PATTERN: Solid
  • LUMINESCENCE: Shimmering
  • 7 PIECE SET COMES WITH: D20, D12, D10, D8, D6, D4, and Percentile

Return Policy

If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, you may return the item(s) within 15 days of receiving the order. Please note that monogrammed, personalized, special-order items, and items damaged through normal wear and tear are not eligible for return.